Friday, August 27, 2010


I've been VERY distracted by a tool I decided to write (working name was SmartLocation, current release name is GPSCheat!).  As testers played PB game, I want to be able to be near them to play around where they were at.  There's some fake-GPS apps out there, but not very well done and a pain to use.

The biggest thing was having to keep re-enter locs.  GPSCheat lets you add a (named) loc to a list, and then you can just click to go back.  Also helps a bit with getting the user setup (still a pain, but at least guides you through the process)

Main site is at

It's out on the Market Place, selling for $1.29 (Woot! Got an actual released app on now, Finally!  Just wish it has PB :)

GPSCheat! - V1.3

Changes for V1.3:
  • Address Look-up.  This allows the user to request the lat/lon for a specific address (zip, street/city/state, well know location, whatever).  Will set the pop-up map to that location, and then can click to adjust.  This is the biggest enhancment for 1.3 - should be VERY handy!
  • Fix for menu/back resetting spinner to none  (I was looking for key events, and on ANY (for lat/lon) was setting the current location to none.  So if one was selected and the back key was pressed, it gets a special key event - which I am now ignoring, as far as spinner processing goes. )
  • On non-user GPS locations, truncate to 4 decimal places (map click and address lookup).  4 is very accurate - and fits better on the entry fields (doubt many people would want it out to 8...)
  • Better error handling
Probably not going to mess with this for a while, unless a major bug is found.  14 have sold since it went up 5 days ago