Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Game Play

So I've gotten a lot of the basics down - really at the meat of the game now (the daily gameplay).

I think I've gotten it down to:

  1.  Users can try to make bombs.  
    1. This is based on their level - the higher the level, the more variations they can make.
    2. They will consume energy to build bombs.  They will get X energy per Y hours.  As they level, they will get more energy
    3. They will get various qualities - from the best possible of that type to not working.  So they could make a mid-level pipe bomb (e.g., 1/2 the max damage, or 1/4 the radius
    4. If they are able to make the bomb, they will get experience.
    5. [?] Higher level bombs will require lower level bombs.  For example, if they user wants to make a timer pipe bomb, they'll first need to have a basic pipe bomb.
  2. Users can place bombs
    1. When placing a bomb, they will use stamina.  They will get X stamina per Y hours.  As they level, they will get more stamina
    2. Placing a bomb will result it success, failure, or the bomb going off.  The bomb going off will be as normal (damage anyone around it, etc) but the want-to-be bomber will loose HP and get no exp.  Failure will be something like a Guard discovers them, etc., and they can just re-try.
    3. If they are able to place the bomb, they will get a small amount of experience.
    4. If the bomb goes off, they will get more experience and possible rewards.
  3. Users can disarm bombs
    1. When disarming, they will use stamina.  
    2. Disarming will result it total success, partial sucess, failure, or catastrophic failure.
      1. Success will give the disarmer experience and rewards.
      2. Partial will take X amount of HP off of the bomb (a bomb is disarmed when it hits 0 hitpoints).  Anyone who was able to take partial hitpoints off of a bomb will get a small amount of exp if the bomb is finally disarmed.
      3. Failure means they didn't affect the bomb
      4. Catastrophic failure means they made the bomb go off.  This will be just like the timer ran down - bomber gets full exp, disarmer gets damage along with anyone around them.
  4. Bombs can go off
    1. Whenever a bomb goes off, the user who placed the bomb will get exp and items.
    2. When the bomb goes off, anyone that had a last know location around the bomb will loose HP.
    3. If the bomb goes off on a disarm, the user trying to disarm will get extra damage
    4. If the bomb goes off when being placed, the user who tried to place it will get extra damage but no exp or items.  Users with a last know location will take damage.
    5. If the bomb goes off as part of a contract, the user who put the contract out may get a reward, and the bomber will get extra exp and items.
  5. Users can gain items.
    1. As users bomb and disarm, they will get items.  These items can help them make bombs, place bombs, or disarm bombs (e.g., a special pair of wire cutters that give a +2 to disarming).
    2. Users will be able to purchase special items.  These will help as in #1, or be special bombs.

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