Sunday, July 4, 2010


So finally bought a Nexus One. Right now I've got a AT&T data only card - $19 for 100 MB. Using Wireless during dev, but this will let me get out and around and use the game. The AT&T guys were initially boggling over what I wanted (pre-paid SIM, data only, no minutes, no phone number). LOL.

I have also ordered a MicroSIM to SIM adapter, so I can also switch over my normal plan from my iPhone to the Nexus, if I need more than what I've got.

Debugging on the Nexus is GREAT! I've done cell phone dev in the distant past (MS's stuff), and it was a pain.

The interface is starting to look solid - actually GOOD in areas. Still need to do the home page and the user page (stats, handling leveling up, et al). It took me about 2 hours to go from Emulator-only to working on the real phone 100%. Most of it was buttons where I'd set the height instead of wrap_content. I think this was causing androids auto-resolution to mess up (as the nexus is a different res then I was developing against).

I'm heading to Michigan next week for vacation. Will take the Nexus along and place bombs as I go :)

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