Saturday, September 18, 2010

Heading to Beta1

Lots of cleanup, with some new function added.  Users can now request missions.  When they get them, they'll need to get within 200 meters and place a bomb. If it blows that close, they'll get a extra bonus for taking out the contract.

I tried it for real - request 5.  1 was about 4 blocks from my house, so drove over.  Had some problems getting close enough.  Drove back and forth a few times, to get close to area.  For a while I thought I was going to have to wander into someones front yard... which wouldn't have been good.

Anyway, finally got it - had a lot of fun doing it:)

May increase the distance to be in range, so you just need to get in the general vicinity to get it.

Going to ship this out to a few testers this weekend.  If it goes well, I'll post over on XDA to get some more on it.

I will likely, beyond bug and game balance fixes, be putting the facebook and twitter feeds in next.

Beta 1
 - Request Missions
 - SAX (performance?)
 - Improved reverse geocode (Using bing)
 - Show local time (was GMT)
 - All news now showing
 - Countdown times showing seconds
 - Enter stats lines now clickable for stats leveling on user tab. Also did bigger, better graphic
 - Logoff user now verifies.
 - Map of user bombs off of main tab.
 - Clicking on news icon will now give details, with map
 - On distance too far, showing better info.
 - Return bomb on disarm message, for detailed info
 - Place totals on user (Total Bombs Placed/Exploded, Total people injured/killed, etc)
 - Fix death on explode (seem to be getting 1 HP on return, need to show 0)
 - On Computer spawn, match both level AND location.
 - Do full bomb list (now available to level 1000)
 - Reduce disarm to 150 meters
 - "Far" is now 50 miles
 - On distance too far, showing better info.
 - Show map on Combo Place and Disarm
 - Home screen - now showing system news.
 - On My Bombs, show damage bomb did, details, etc (popup)
 - Improve signup screen
 - Base Stamina to disarm on bomb stamina required (new bomb/placed bomb fields)
 - Show current location on map on contracts and disarm map (and update) (so you can walk towards the bomb and see it on the map)
 - Help
 - Top Players list (off of users)

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