Sunday, September 19, 2010

PhoneBomber Version Alpha 5 available

Lots of changes on this one.  The only issues I have on my V1-todo are Better Logo, flush out bomb selection, and game play.  So doing pretty good :)

I'm going to have my 4 alpha users hit this for a couple of days.  If that goes well, it will go into Alpha 1 with more users.

I've would like to get the iPhone version done, and am looking at the Windows Phone 7 platform - it's WPF/C#, so I should be able to get something done there pretty quick (doubly so as I already have the back end written, for my tester app, as a WinForm C# .Net App)

Changes 9/11/2010
Alpha .5
- SAX (performance should be better)
- Improved reverse geocode (Using Bing)
- Show local time (was GMT)
- All news now showing
- Countdown times showing seconds
- Enter stats lines now clickable for stats leveling on user tab. Also did bigger, better graphic
- Logoff user now verifies that they really want to.
- Map of user bombs off of main tab.
- Clicking on news icon will now give details, with map
- On distance too far, showing better info.
- Place totals on user (Total Bombs Placed/Exploded, Total people injured/killed, etc)
- Fix death on explode (seem to be getting 1 HP on return, need to show 0)
- On Computer spawn, match both level AND location.
- Reduce disarm to 150 meters
- "Far" is now 50 miles
- Show map on Combo Place and Disarm (no move)
- Home screen - now showing system news.
- On My Bombs, show damage bomb did, details, etc (popup)
- Improve signup screen
- Must be within 150 meters of bomb to disarm.

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